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Year in review, 2023!  

It seems like yesterday that I wrote the 2022 year in review and here we are a year later. All and all 2023 has been a good year, not perfect, but honestly a year to be proud of. If I could summaries the year in one word, it would “growth.” Growth both as a Local/organization and personally. We have seen all kinds of growth across the landscape of Local 753. 

We have seen membership numbers increase and groups from the City of Springfield have been hopping on board, most notably at the Airport. We have seen growth at Lebanon as we have gotten new members from the Electric and Water departments. Recently we added the City of Houston Electric Line Department to the groups we represent and are currently working on bringing on the rest of the city groups. We are without a doubt in the business to grow our Local.  

Though inflation has hit us all hard in 2023, we have seen wages increase across our groups, some at record increases. Skilled labor’s wages are on the rise across the country, and we are counting on riding the waves of that momentum. As infostructure money continues to hit the market, the rise in demand in the work force of skilled labor should play out well for us in the future.   

We have seen growth in unity, and we have been group band together and work for the good of all. We have seen more activity at Union meetings, sparking more of an interest in what is going on across our Local. This has been inspiring, because unity is one of the fundamentals foundations of being a Union.   

Growth in union pride has been great as we have had more t-shirts, hats, flasks, tumbles and stickers passed out and bought in the last year than ever before. It has been great seeing all the IBEW apparel being worn and displayed for all to see. I personally believe all this matters. Pride and unity is what has to separate us from other groups and makes us Union.  

Personally, I too have experienced growth as I finish out about 18 months in this chair. This job hits hard sometimes, but as the saying goes “it’s not how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get back up and keep fighting.” No doubt this job has made me tougher, more aggressive and really increased my will to win and keep getting better every day. I believe more now in what we do for workers, than ever before. It drives me! But if I am being honest, the best thing that has happened in the last year has to do with our team. I truly believe we have the best E-board and officers a person could ask for. They are hardworking, have great ideas and truly care about this Local and our success. I truly believe they have the best interests of all our members at heart. If you see, thank them, they are doing a great job. 

In August we were so excited to bring Jimmy Foster, our Local President, on board as an Assistant Business Manager. Jimmy has done a fantastic job, bringing his wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. I am so thankful to have him on the team. He has really hit the ground running. Last, I could not talk about team without talking about Denise our Office Manager, she is the glue that keeps everything together. Her dedication to what we do is unquestionable. I appreciate her very much. She unquestionably believes in what we do. Unions are like teams, you don’t win often with one player, it takes everyone playing a part. We all work together very well, and I can’t wait for what next year brings.  

Enclosing, we are blessed and thankful for a good year. We had some major events this year that could’ve seen several people hurt or possibly worse, thankfully that did not happen. That alone is something to be thankful for. To each of you, watch out for one another, stop a job if you must, ask for help when you need it. Take pride in your skills but know your limitations.  

God bless each of you, may the Lord’s favor shine upon you. Merry Christmas and have a very blessed 2024!  



IBEW Union Hall 
Wed. January 24th, 2024 
Bring a friend, we would love to meet them!!!! 

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